Jordan Hamilton Consulting


Learning to move in stillness. How to apply moments of mediation

throughout the day is one of the greatest skills one can possess. It can

be easy. Simple, short daily practices to recenter and recharge so that you

remain you despite the external world around.


Eat right to feel right. SImple easy ways to fuel the body mind

and soul with everything it needs to thrive. From quick meals,

sneaky snacks, and illuminating elixirs learn how to nourish

yourself in a way that fits your need and contributes to your growth. 



Being embodied is one of the greatest gifts one can give themselves and others. Feeling secure, confident, and present are all outcomes associated with being in a healthy vessel. It can be easy. Simple daily rituals can increase vitality and feelings of presentness. Join us on our journey as we share what has worked for us.

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